Venice Biennale 2018: Freespace on a Tight Rein

Alison Brooks Architects ‘ReCasting’ features in the AJ’s review of the 2018 Venice Architectural Biennale, described as “gently optimistic and touchy-feely and unusually coherent”.

Rob Wilson states “Particularly immersive is Alison Brooks’s contribution: an elemental series of ‘totem’ spaces which you actually walk or slide yourself bodily into: threshold, passage, roof-space. These riff off corners from her housing projects – with mirrored walls and ceilings which complete the spatial experience, visually leading off into infinity around you.”

The Architects' Journal

The Observer – Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 – A Joyous Treasure Trove

Our installation ‘ReCasting’ features in Rowan Moore’s Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 review in the Sunday Observer.

“Alison Brooks, Canadian-born and British-based, has built a composite of elements of several of her housing projects – a vaulted threshold, a canted roof space, a cloister – in plywood and mirrors, in order to show how an architect can “frame everyday life” with memorable spaces.” says Rowan Moore

The Observer

Design Boom: Alison Brooks Architects Recasts Urban Housing at Venice Architecture Biennale

Design Boom published ‘ReCasting’ following the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Responding to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale’s theme of ‘freespace’, Alison Brooks Architects creates a large-scale, highly experiential installation. called ‘ReCasting’, the work addresses the subject of housing and urban dwelling, specifically with a focus on the practice’s related work.

The space, which also comprises an amphitheater, is divided into four inhabitable ‘totems’: threshold, inhabited edge, passage, and roofspace. each one offers a particular spatial, emotional and sensory experience, revealing housing architecture’s meaningful civic role. this is through forms of mirrored surfaces, organic geometries and forced perspectives that harness the corderie arsenale’s specific qualities of light and volume.

Design Boom

The Guardian: Venice Architecture Biennale Review

Upon the opening of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale Architettura 2018, Alison Brooks Architects’ installation ‘ReCasting’ features in The Guardian’s ‘Venice Architecture Biennale review’.

Oliver Wainwright writes “London-based Canadian architect Alison Brooks has constructed a tableau of habitable totems that recreate in-between moments from some of her buildings, using a clever combination of plywood and mirrors to conjure a curving colonnade, an infinite cloister and a grand vaulted threshold. They are dreamlike fragments that speak of the potential of housing to create moments of delight beyond the dwellings alone.”

The Guardian

‘ReCasting’ opens at the 2018 Venice Biennale

Alison Brooks Architects have been invited by the 16th International Architecture Exhibition curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of Grafton Architects to respond to this year’s theme of ‘Freespace’ by addressing the subject of housing and urban dwelling.

We have created a large-scale, site specific installation that simulates the critical freespaces of their work in housing as four inhabitable ‘totems’: Threshold, Inhabited Edge, Passage, and Roofspace. The totems invite exploration, emerging from a unifying plinth to frame an amphitheatre and collective gathering space. Each totem offers a particular spatial, emotional and sensory experience, harnessing the Corderie’s specific qualities of light and volume. It has been this practice’s mission to reveal  housing architecture’s civic role and its potential for meaningful, subjective experience.

ReCasting will be on public display in the Corderie, Arsenale at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale from Saturday 26 May until 25 November 2018.

Sat, 05.26.18 , 10:00
Arsenale, Venice
Arsenale, Venice
Arsenale, Venice (map)
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