Felix Cruz Marcos



Felix Cruz joined ABA in 2015 as an experienced architect with high technical expertise, having previously worked in China and continental Europe. He has led the construction packages for the apartments at Athena, North West Cambridge, and supervised the technical aspects of the 1 Ashley Road development for Argent Related. He is currently giving technical support to S3, North West Cambridge construction packages. Felix has acted as Project Architect for building S5 at King´s Cross since RIBA Stage 1, leading a large team for the 163-unit scheme in Central London, and gathering a thorough knowledge of the consultant’s proposals, site conditions and constraints.

Prior to joining ABA, Felix worked three years at the award-winning practice standardarchitecture, Beijing, as Senior Project Architect. He was responsible for large teams of up to 15 employees, delivering buildings above 33,000 sqm for the upscale furniture brand Camerich, and projects in Tibet, where the harsh weather conditions coupled with the limited access, dictated environmentally conscious solutions, where locally sourced materials and artisans became key to delivering the necessary quality within budget and schedule.

Prior to the above, Felix worked three years for ICOM Engineering Consulting in Madrid. His duties included design and site supervision of steel and concrete structures, support to the mechanical and electrical engineering teams and supervising interventions in listed buildings.

Felix studied at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, completing his professional studies in 2008.